ZScaf™ Ladder/Walk Through Type Frame Scaffolding

ZScaf™  Ladder/Walk Through Type Frame Scaffolding is consisted of main frame,horizontal frame,cross brace,stage tow board and adjustable jack base. It can be widely used for all kinds of decoration engineerinig or mobile working platform.

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ZScaf™  Ladder/Walk Through Type Frame Scaffolding like a shape of door, includes main frame, horizontal frame, cross brace, stage tow board and adjustable base. ZScaf™  Ladder/Walk Through Type Frame Scaffolding  is ideal material for construction engineering.

It can be widely used for industrial and vivil construction and maintenance ,such as workshop, large  gymnasium,conference and exhibition center convention, billboard, market, dock ,bridge ,tunnel ,subways, etc. Also used for mobile working platform installation of electrical and mechanical engineering, ship repair and other decoration engineering, for building temporary stand, with simple roof frame, frame-connected scaffolding can form temporary dormitory, depot and work shed. 

1.Good performance of stability
2.Firm structure of the whole
3.Easy and fast to assemble and dismantle without any tools
4.Safe working at height especially
5.Ideal material for construction engineering

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