At Zolo, we offer reliable slab formwork systems that provide builders with flexible and labor-saving solutions when constructing concrete slabs.

Slab formwork essentially consists of a horizontal load-bearing structure that supports the formwork liner and transfers forces into the supports.

For beam-to-slab formwork, wooden or aluminum beams are cross-fitted and covered with a selected form liner. This structure can be easily adjusted to suit different loads and ground plane geometries.

Large pallets are also prefabricated according to the same principle and then transported to the construction site. After use, the pallet is transported to a location accessible by a crane underneath the slab and moved from there to the new concrete pouring section. The workbench provides a very high level of safety, especially at slab edges, and ensures quick closing times for large areas.

Modern modular panel formwork systems consisting of a grid of panels or beams facilitate rapid prototyping operations due to a minimal and systematic assembly sequence of individual components. For filling areas, complementary system components provide fast and reliable implementation solutions.