SlipForm System For Silo&Caisson

Zolo Slipform system is an economical,rapid and accurate method of constructing reinforced concrete or post tensioned concrete structures.

At its most basic level,slipform is a type of movable formwork which is slowly raised,allowing the continuous extrusion of concrete.

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    ZOLO Slip Form has over 15 years’ experience of manufaturing slipforming equipment and providing slipform engineering solutions 

to our constructionclients all over the world.We have constructed over 300 structures using ZOLO slipform equipment and engineering service.

    During this long period of professional and hard working,ZOLO has became the leading supplier in this specialised construction sector. 

    We continuously improved our slip form equipment and construction method,in the meantime, we accumulatd a hugeamount of experiences 

range from Diameter80m clinker silo in Pakistan to 180m height water tower in China,and various of chimney as well.

    We believe ZOLO slip form will bring client time and cost saving while retaining the high quality standard of project.

SlipForm System For Silo


1. Fastest method of constructing vertical structures.

2. No construction joints are necessary and through ties are not used.

3. Accommodates requirements of even the most complicated structures and tall or repetitive applications.

5. Inherent efficiency

6. Adverse weather disruption unusual

7. Rate of rise can be 7-8m per day (24-hours sliding)or,2.5-3m per day(day shift only) resulting in reduced constrution periods and consequent cost savings.

8. Water retaining structures and nuclear structures benefit from these features of slipform construction.

9. Openings,tapering profiles,reductions in wall thickness and large embedments can be accommodated.

10.The use of Zolo slipform system results in significant cost benefits when compared with traditional formwork.


Steel StructureMade by Q355B(GB) High Strength Steel 
Hydraulic Station8Mpa@100L/Min. (Max.350 units of jacks can be controled)
JacksMax.150KN Lifting Capacity
RodΦ48 Seamless Steel Tube@3.5mm Thk.
Silo,Bridge Pier,Chimney, Prilling Tower,Shear Wall,Caisson

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