SlipForm System For Chimney

Zolo Slipform system is an economical,rapid and accurate method of constructing reinforced concrete or post tensioned concrete structures.

At its most basic level,slipform is a type of movable formwork which is slowly raised,allowing the continuous extrusion of concrete.

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    Chimneys are important structures for industrial buildings. With the increasing installed capacity of thermal power plants in recent years, the design height of chimneys is getting higher and higher due to the increasingly stringent requirements for environmental protection. As the construction of chimneys is difficult and risky, Zolo has developed special slipform equipment for chimney construction to ensure the quality and safety of chimney construction.

    Zolo Chimney Slipform is a sliding formwork with a height of about 1.5m formwork panel assembled at once at the bottom of the chimney along the inner

 and outer sides of the cylinder wall, and then the reinforcing bars are tied and concrete is poured in the formwork in layers continuously.


   Through the hydraulic slipform equipment, the formwork is continuously slid upward to complete the pouring of concrete continuously until the structure is completed.


   During the sliding up process, the radius of the formwork is changed by adjusting the adjustable bolts on the operating platform, in order to meet the requirements of the chimney and other structures to change slopes and cross-sections.

SlipForm System For Chimney

SlipForm System For Chimney

SlipForm System For Chimney


Compared with other chimney engineering process, Zolo Chimney Slipform has features belowing:

1. Fast construction speed

2. Highly mechanized slipform system

3. Good seismic performance

4. Perfect concrete finish quality & safe operation is guaranteed

5. The slipform system can save the material of  formwork and scaffolding , can be more convenient to dismantle 


Steel StructureMade by Q355B(GB) High Strength Steel 
Hydraulic Station8Mpa@100L/Min. (Max.350 units of jacks can be controled)
JacksMax.150KN Lifting Capacity
RodΦ48 Seamless Steel Tube@3.5mm Thk.
Silo,Bridge Pier,Chimney, Prilling Tower,Shear Wall,Caisson

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